Distractions: Less Than Obvious

There are a number of different distractions that can be obvious when driving your truck, or any vehicle for that matter. You’ve heard them all before, the most obvious being texting, There are also a number of external distractions outside of your truck that may catch your eye that are a bit more subliminal. Some of those examples are the beach scenery here in Manatee County, some of the wild life, or even some of the flashiest cars on the road.

Some other factors could be driving past accidents. It’s human nature for people to slow down and turn their heads. Who knows why, but we do it!

There are things inside the truck that we are used to. Interacting with music or podcasts, using controls for the radio, listening to audio books have been shown in studies to effect your reaction time on the road. Texting is an absolute no-no on the road and it’s not surprising that it actually doubles your reaction time. But many do not consider their other controls and adjustments to be in the same discussion. They certainly are.

Other factors include your mental state. Are you worried about some mistakes you made yesterday? Are your meal choices starting to come back to haunt you? Here are more safety tips for the road:

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