3 Truck Driving Tips For Beginners

There are new drivers entering the trucking and transportation industry all the time. With the beautiful roads that Florida has to offer, it can be rewarding. Driving a truck is much more than remembering to pre check your rig. Some of the most experienced drivers are still learning new lessons to this day, so it’s important to be constantly learning. It’s key to keep yourself save and also enjoy your career.

  1. Get Out And Look. This is one of the fundamentals of trucking that you most likely have heard before. Some basics are easy to forget when you’ve heard them so often. It’s easier to forget some of the things that you think have become second nature! Be sure to also follow the path of your tires, it’s still the best indicator of where your semi-truck will end up when backing up.
  2. Make Exercise Plans. Driving your truck in Florida can’t get any better. If your routes are in the south, you won’t have to worry about that cold weather. Take advantage of the ability to go for long walks, go for a jog or even hit the gym for a quick workout. It’s important for your energy to make time for your workouts. Driving a truck for long periods of time requires it.
  3. Preventative Maintenance. Sure, it’s our jobs to come see you when your truck is down and out on the side of the road, but we hope we don’t have to! Making sure you’re taking the necessary steps for your truck to be prepared for the road is smart and it leaves you with peace of mind. Also, be sure to keep tools handy for those easy DIY repairs.

The little things can certainly pay off. Maybe one day you’ll have the skills like some of these guys! (The loading dock drop off at the beginning of the video is extremely impressive).

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